Welcome to KHAN's KITCHEN



Address:1676-4 Numata,Tsukuba,Ibaraki
Wed-Mon 11:30am-5pm(L.O.15:30)
※Reservation required after 6pm

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Our Thinking

We owned a restaurant in Mito before we moved to Mt. Tsukuba, a place with beautiful scenery. We decided to move here because my long-time wish was to serve natural, delicious meals in a natural environment to our customers.

Our collections of beautiful lamps and furniture and the rose garden are waiting for your visit.
We cook with herbs grown in our garden and eggs laid by hens we breed. 'Freshness' is very important for cooking delicious meals.
Our hope is for you to relax and have a gratifying experience!
We hope you enjoy our natural dishes, the beautiful scenery and the calmness of Mt. Tsukuba.

Because of my past experience with my dog 'Dandy', we made an arrangement to welcome your loving dogs to our place as well. You can have a meal with them at the Deck. Please let us know at the entrance so we can show your way. Thank you.

Chef/Owner Martin Khan

p.s. Please email us your comment of coming us. It will make us fresh!
E-mail: info@khans-kitchen.com